Mystery of bird color discovered


Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is the largest pigeon in the world. They often live in the forests of New Guinea (Southern Hemisphere). In addition to its gray-blue feathers, this bird’s splendor also comes from its fan-shaped “hair” on top of its head.

This pigeon species mainly eats fruits, figs, seeds and invertebrates. The female usually lays a single white egg. The crowned pigeon is named after Queen Victoria of England.

Images of animals with the strangest fur in the world - 2
 The nomenclature of this pigeon species is named after Queen Victoria of England.


Alpaca is a llama that lives mainly in the Andes Mountains, South America. This animal has a small head, long neck, short tail and extremely impressive hair on its head. Their very thick fur helps them adapt to cold climates.

Many scientists liken Alpaca wool to be similar to sheep’s wool, but it keeps the body warm much better than sheep’s wool. In particular, the wool of this sheep species is waterproof because it contains oil and is extremely expensive.

Scottish Highland cattle

Scottish Highland cattle, also known as bushy-haired cattle, impress onlookers with their long horns and dense fur. The “hair” of this cow is considered the longest of all cattle species and helps protect the body in the cold winter.

This breed of cows is mainly raised for meat because it is rich in nutrients and they possess very good survival skills, surviving even in steep mountain areas. In addition, Scottish Highland cows can use their horns to exploit food sources when buried by snow and trees.

Borneo bearded pig

The Borneo bearded pig has the scientific name Sus barbatus, found in Southeast Asia, Sumatra, Borneo, the Malay Peninsula and many small islands. The most impressive feature of this animal is its thick and long white beard.

In addition, Borneo bearded pigs can reproduce from 18 months of age and are crossbred with many other species in the Suidae family. The San Diego Zoo was the first zoo in the Western Hemisphere to breed the Borneo bearded giant.

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