Mysteriously, turtles have a bite 6 times stronger than a shark


The mysterious turtle has a bite 6 times stronger than a shark - Photo 1.

Special crocodile turtle species in North America – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Currently, alligator turtles (scientific name:  Macrochelys suwanniensis ) live mainly in North America. They prefer fresh water areas, especially rivers and canals flowing through the jungle.

According to CNN , the weight of turtles is often very large, sometimes over 100kg. The shell accounts for 70% of the turtle’s total weight, usually about 60-80cm long. In general, male turtles are larger than female turtles.

The turtle’s head is large, its jaw is strong, its shell is sturdy with many sharp spikes, divided into three rows. In addition to its protective effect, the spikes also contain nerve endings. 

Because of their fierce shape that resembles both a turtle and a crocodile, they are nicknamed “beasts”.

The mysterious turtle has a bite 6 times stronger than a shark - Photo 2.

Extremely strong teeth typical of crocodile turtles – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The special feature of turtles also lies in their extremely strong teeth and strong jaws, which help them achieve a bite force about 6 times greater than a shark’s bite. 

With this force, alligator turtles can even break the shells of many other turtles.

The research team once tested the strength of turtle teeth by letting them bite a watermelon.  As a result, with just one bite, the melon burst.

Extremely strong bite breaks the crocodile turtle’s melon – Video: YOUTUBE

At the end of August 2020, a research team from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Organization (FWC) discovered three alligator turtles on the New River, southeastern United States.  This is the result of a research campaign on this prehistoric animal.

Among them, a turtle weighed up to 45kg, the heaviest ever recorded in the region. The remaining two weigh 29kg and 21kg. Estimates of their lifespan range from 40-80 years.

“Finding many alligator turtles, especially very large ones up to 45kg in a small river like New is rare,” FWC wrote. 

After taking photos and recording parameters, the three alligator turtles will be released back into the wild.

The mysterious turtle has a bite 6 times stronger than a shark - Photo 4.

A 45kg alligator turtle was just discovered in Florida – Photo: CNN

Due to its large size and comprehensive “offensive” ability, crocodile turtles have almost no enemies in nature, except… humans. 

Poaching groups often raid many rivers and catch crocodile turtles for their shells and meat.

The largest consumer market is Asia. Some rich people even order crocodile turtles to make… pets in the house. Therefore, the number of this species has seriously declined over the past 10 years.

Another reason why crocodile turtle numbers have decreased is because of habitat loss due to the pressure of climate change and modernization. 

Many rivers have narrowed, with less fresh water, making it difficult for crocodile turtles to adapt.

The mysterious turtle has a bite 6 times stronger than a shark - Photo 5.

Occasionally alligator turtles, especially small and medium sized ones, are sold as pets – Photo: CNN

The habitat is affected, crocodile turtles sometimes “wander” into residential areas. In June 2020, a 30kg alligator turtle was discovered in a small lake in Fairfax, Virginia (USA).

According to Fairfax wildlife control officers, urban alligator turtles are not harmful, but they themselves are vulnerable. For example, the food source for them to grow well is often insufficient.

Dr. Travis Thomas – a zoologist working for FWC – said alligator turtles are people who stick to rivers for their entire lives. 

“Therefore, if there are big fluctuations like poisoned river water, turtles have almost no way to escape,” Mr. Thomas said.

The mysterious turtle has a bite 6 times stronger than a shark - Photo 6.

The main habitat of crocodile turtles is in rivers flowing through the jungle – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

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