Mysterious giant remains were found on a Norwegian mound graveyard

A letter he received from Alan Makshir, an engineer stationed on Shemya Island in the Aleutians during WWII, was shared by Ivan T. Sanderson, a well-known American naturalist.

When Alan Makshir and his crew were charged with building a landing field, they accidentally demolished a few hills and discovered human bones beneath particular sedimentary strata.

They came to what appeared to be a burial site for some big human remains, including enormous skulls and bones.

One skull measured 11 inches wide and 22 inches long from base to top. From back to front, the average adult skull is 8 inches long. A big skull like this could only belong to a large human.

Giants had a second row of teeth and illogical flatheads in the past.

Every skull has a trepanned, neatly cut hole on the upper side.

Squeezing an infant’s skull to force it to develop in an elongated form was a procedure practiced by the Mayans of Peru and the Flathead Indians of Montana.

When Mr. Sanderson received the second letter, he sought to obtain more evidence, but it just confirmed his suspicions. According to both letters, the Smithsonian Institute had seized the mysterious bones.

Mr. Sanderson is aware that the bones are owned by the Smithsonian Institution, and he is mystified as to why they refuse to make their results public.

“Can’t people deal with history being rewritten?” he pondered.

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