Mother Hen’s Valiant Defense of Her Offspring Against Three Deadly Cobras


As the sun rose high in the sky, a brave story of motherhood began to be told. In the thick jungle, a mother hen was smiling gently when she saw three cobras approaching her babies. There was no time to hesitate, the mother hen’s instinct to protect her children was activated.

The mother hen, with courage and determination no less than that of a warrior, immediately rushed into battle. The mother hen’s wings were still cold from last night, but the strength of mother-child love had flared up within her.

The mother hen’s quick but precise kicks and flapping wings caused the three cobras to retreat. Although their strength is not equal to that of other large snakes, the mother hen’s courage surprised them.

Meanwhile, the mother hen’s chicks also do not sit still. Even though she is still immature and weak, she understands motherly love and does not want her mother to face danger alone. With determination, it also participates in the fight, even if it’s just moaning and flapping its wings tiredly.

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