Magic Johnson and his wife enjoy themselves in a flashy mansion


A Los Angeles Lakers player’s six-bedroom Moraga Estates mansion is advertised for $14.5 mιllιon. Compass dealer Nancy Ellin is selling the 10,000-square-foot gated community. The house has six bedrooms, a basketball court, and a locker room with NBA star signatures.

Ellin bought the house in 2004 and added luxury features. Ellin tells Mansion Global that the home has been completely renovated with top-of-the-line appliances, marble, custom cabinets, and Moroccan/Spanish design elements inspired by our vacations. It’s a great place to live and celebrate. Excellent grounds feature a pool, built-in barbeque, fire pit, and large brick patio.

The three-story mansion has a Ԁгаmаtic foyer with a grand staircase and handmade wide wood plank flooring throughout. The first-floor formal dining room has custom built-ins and a silver leaf soffit ceiling.

The Moroccan-style family room with a wood-burning fireplace and seating rotunda is just feet from the big living space. A marble-topped chef’s kitchen with a sitting island and butler’s closet sits nearby. French doors to the backyard surround a large breakfast nook, letting light in.

Spacious main room on second story. Fireplace, balcony, and sitting space. Elegant, all-white master bathroom. Jacuzzi and steam shower. The third floor has a large, fully equipped gym, three bunk beds for kids, a guest bedroom, and a bathroom. As expected, Johnson has a custom-built indoor basketball court. You can see your friends through a window in the game area.

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