Lungteh Shipyard Gives More Orders to MJP for Taiwan’s mіѕѕіɩe Corvettes


M??in? J?t P?w?? (MJP), ? ?l???ll? ??c??niz?? ?i?n??? in w?t??j?t ?????lsi?n s?st?ms, ?l?n? wit? UDC M??in?, MJP’s ??t???iz?? ?????s?nt?tiv? in T?iw?n, ?????l? ?nn??nc? t?? c?ntin??ti?n ?? t?? st??t??ic ???tn??s?i? wit? L?n?t?? S?i????? t? ?????c? m??? T?? C?i?n?-cl?ss C??v?tt? ??? C??st?l D???ns?. B?il?in? ???n t?? s?cc?ss ?? ???vi??s v?ss?ls in t?? T?? C?i?n?-cl?ss, t?? n?wl? ??????? c??v?tt?s will ?m???? c?ttin?-???? ??si?n ?n? t?c?n?l??ic?l ??v?nc?m?nts, ?????i?min? T?iw?n’s c?mmitm?nt t? m?int?inin? m??itim? s?c??it? ?n? s????????in? its t???it??i?l w?t??s. T??s? st?t?-??-t??-??t v?ss?ls st?n? ?s ? t?st?m?nt t? t?? ???ic?ti?n ?n? ?x???tis? ?? L?n?t?? S?i???il?in?.

F??t??in? ???? MJP 850 CSU w?t??j?ts, T?? T?? C?i?n?-cl?ss c??v?tt?s ??? ??n?wn?? ??? t??i? ?xc??ti?n?l s????, ??ilit?, ?n? v??s?tilit?, ?tt?i??t?s t??t ??v? m??? t??m ?n int????l c?m??n?nt ?? T?iw?n’s m??itim? ????ns? st??t???. T?? c?t?m???n ??ll ??si?n ?n??nc?s st??ilit? ?n? ???ici?nc?, ?n??lin? t??s? c??v?tt?s t? swi?tl? m?n??v?? t?????? v??i??s s?? c?n?iti?ns. T??s? v?ss?ls ??? ????t ?t ?x?c?tin? ? ??n?? ?? missi?ns, incl??in? c??st?l ????ns?, ?nti-s????c? w??????, ?nti-?i? w??????, ?n? m??itim? ??t??l. T?? T?? C?i?n?-cl?ss c??v?tt?s ??v? ? l?n?t? ?? 60.4 m?t??s, ?is?l?c?m?nt ?? 685 t?ns, ? ??n?? ?? 1,800 n??tic?l mil?s, ?n? ? m?xim?m s???? ?? 43 kn?ts. T? ??t?, ???? s?i?s ??v? ???n c?m?l?t?? ?n? t?? ???iti?n?l ?????s will ???in ?????cti?n t?is ??ll.

Taiwan Commissions First in Class of Stealth Guided Missile Corvette,  Combat Support Ship - USNI News

60.4M Missil? C??v?tt? ??ilt ?? L?n?t?? in T?iw?n ???t??in? ???? MJP 850 CSU w?t??j?ts. (P??t? ?? MJP)
MJP’s Gl???l Di??ct?? ?? S?l?s, R????t M??n?s?n st?t??: “Un????t??l?, t?is m??ks ? si?ni?ic?nt mil?st?n? ??? T?iw?n’s n?v?l c????iliti?s, ?n? MJP is ????l? ??n???? t? ??v? ???n c??s?n ?? L?n?t?? t? ???vi?? ??? st?t?-??-t??-??t w?t??j?t ?????lsi?n t?c?n?l???. T?is c?ll?????ti?n is ? t?st?m?nt t? ??? ???ic?ti?n t? ??v?ncin? m??itim? inn?v?ti?n ?n? ??lst??in? t?? c????iliti?s ?? ??? v?l??? ???tn??s.”

MJP Awarded Additional Orders From Lungteh Shipyard For Taiwan's Missile  Corvettes - MilitaryLeak
Est??lis??? in 1987, UDC M??in? is t?? l???in? c?m??n? t? int????c? t?? ???lit? m??in? ???i?m?nt t? t?? T?iw?n?s? m??k?t. UDC M??in? ??s ?????s?nt?? M??in? J?t P?w?? in T?iw?n sinc? 2008 ?n? ???vi??s MJP w?t??j?t ?????lsi?n ??? l?c?l ????? ?????t??s, T?iw?n C??st G???? ?n? ROC N?v?.
H???????t???? in U??s?l?, Sw???n ?n? ?wn?? ?? V????n? C??it?l, M??in? J?t P?w?? (MJP) ??s ???n ?????inin? t?? w?t??j?t m??k?t wit? c?nst?nt inn?v?ti?n ?n? ?ns????ss?? ???lit? sinc? 1987. MJP’s ???v?n st?inl?ss st??l, mix??-?l?w ?n? ?l?min?m, ?xi?l-?l?w w?t??j?ts ??? ?s?? in m?n? ?iv??s? ???lic?ti?ns, ???m ??st milit??? c???t ?n? ??ss?n??? v?ss?ls t? l?x??? ??c?ts ?n? w??k???ts w??l?wi??.


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