Lionel Messi’s dog serenaded by delighted Argentina supporters amid World Cup celebrations


The party in Argentina shows no sign of slowing down as even Lionel Messi’s dog was serenaded by fans.

A clip has surfaced of a group of jubilant fans wearing Argentina shirts approaching the World Cup winners dog chanting: “Es el perro de Messi” – translated as ‘it’s Messi’s dog’.

Lionel Messi alongside his dog Hulk who he bought in 2016

The fans are then seen dancing before the dog, a large Dogue de Bordeaux named Hulk, comes towards them.

They then gather around Hulk and give him a stroke before continuing to sing and dance, toasting Argentina’s dramatic World Cup victory over France last Sunday.

Messi bought Hulk in 2016 and instantly showed off the new member of the household by posting pics of the pair on Instagram.

The Paris Saint-Germain star returned to Argentina on Tuesday morning following their heroics in Qatar and were greeted by a sea of adoring fans in the capital Buenos Aires.

It was Argentina’s first World Cup success since Diego Maradona lifted the famous trophy in 1986.

Sunday’s win also reopened the debate of whether Messi’s exploits cement him as the greatest player of all time.

Fans sing and dance as they spot Messi’s dog heading towards them

Messi’s dog Hulk appears into the shot with his minder

Fans then give Hulk some attention and even sing a chant for him!

Messi revealed shortly after Sunday’s final that he would not be retiring from international duty despite conceding that the win over France would be his last at a World Cup.

The 35-year-old is not expected to feature for PSG until mid-January as he geers himself up for another crack at the Champions League.

Messi has won the competition four times and is one win behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s medal haul of five.

Messi and his teammates have celebrated their World Cup success with fans in Buenos Aires

He is also within touching distance of the Portuguese star’s goalscoring record in the competition.

Mesis is currently on Champions League goals, 11 behind Ronaldo who looks set to kiss goodbye to the Champions League with a move to Saudi Arabia nearing.

With a new deal at PSG in the pipeline, Messi has unfinished business before he eventually rides off into the sunset.


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