Rick Ross owns a $10.000.000 Jacob & Co. watch in his latest music video makes fans admire


In his newest music video, Rick Ross doesn’t just drop beats, he drops jaws with a jaw-dropping array of Jacob & Co. jewelry and watches that are collectively valued at approximately $10 million. The Boss, known for his opulent lifestyle, chose the perfect backdrop for this display: in front of his custom private jet, showcasing his unique blend of extravagance and rap artistry.

Rick Ross - Find out Rick Ross watch collectionAs the video for his latest track, “Shaq & Kobe,” unfolds, Ross takes center stage with a flamboyant wrist adorned with an ice-cold Mystеry Tourbillon. This horological masterpiece, more than a year in the making, boasts an astounding 33.65 carats of diamonds. The 50 mm white-gold case is elegantly studded with baguette hexagonal stones, and the intricate dial features overlapping diamonds. To add a touch of regality, sapphires and rubies adorn the face. This dazzling timepiece is an exclusive masterpiece, limited to just 13 examples, and comes with a price tag of $1.3 million.

Jacob & Co. Billionaire Timeless Treasure WatchIn another captivating scene, the rapper showcases his Billionaire III, a horological gem that was unveiled in late 2022. This wrist candy is bedecked with over 129 carats of diamonds, practically covering every inch of its 18-karat white gold body. The bracelet alone is a work of art, hand-set with 504 emerald-cut white gems. With only 18 available worldwide, this watch commands an impressive $3 million.

Rick Ross Shaq & Kobe Music VideoRoss doesn’t stop at watches. He also accessorizes with Jacob & Co. bling, donning a custom diamond-encrusted tennis necklace rumored to be worth $4.2 million and a gem-studded pinky ring that carries a price tag of $640,000.

Jacob & Co. Mystery Tourbillon WatchRick Ross Shows Off New 20 Million Dollar Time Piece - Watch Video - YARDHYPERick Ross has a penchant for flaunting high-value possessions, whether it’s flashy cars or a massive 10-pound crab. His affinity for Jacob & Co. wristwatches is well-documented, having previously showcased the jaw-dropping $20 million Billionaire Timeless Treasure. Unveiled at Watches & Wonders in March, this horological marvel took three and a half years to come to life. The watchmakers went to great lengths to source enough yellow diamonds of the same hue and quality to adorn the gold bracelet. In fact, Jacob & Co. claims that they nearly exhausted the market for these ultra-rare stones to complete the design. Strangely, Ross opted not to sport the Timeless Treasure in this particular music video, perhaps to avoid being upstaged by its sheer opulence.

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