Lakers’ Notable Moments: A Different Starting Lineup Sparks LA’s Surprise Victory Against the Thunder


Teamwork Prevails in Lakers’ 112-105 Victory Over the Oklahoma City Thunder

In an exciting matchup on a holiday weekend, the Los Angeles Lakers secured a stunning 112-105 win against the Oklahoma City Thunder, who held the second seed in the Western Conference.

The Lakers showcased their defensive prowess, stifling one of the league’s most potent young teams to pull off an upset victory.

Despite making yet another change to their starting lineup, the Lakers were led by Anthony Davis, who posted an impressive 27 points and 15 rebounds. The team’s defensive efforts were particularly noteworthy as they held the Thunder to a mere 41.7% shooting percentage.

On the offensive end, the Lakers managed to connect on 52% of their field goal attempts, although they struggled from beyond the arc, making just 33% of their three-point shots. However, they consistently found success inside the paint, contributing significantly to their victory.

This win marked the Lakers’ second triumph over the Thunder this season, holding a 2-1 record against them. Notably, the Thunder have been dominant against other opponents, boasting a 27-10 record excluding their losses to the Lakers. This suggests that the Lakers’ unique combination of size, defensive versatility, and interior presence makes them a formidable matchup for the Thunder.

The Oklahoma City Thunder excel in three-point shooting, but the Lakers effectively limited Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, their leading scorer, by disrupting his inside scoring attempts. Anthony Davis’ imposing presence near the basket proved to be a significant challenge for Gilgeous-Alexander, while LeBron James’ physicality and size advantage over defenders like Luguentz Dort added to the Lakers’ defensive prowess.

As the season progresses, it’s increasingly likely that the Lakers could face the Thunder in the playoffs, potentially as a seventh or eighth seed. With the Lakers holding a 2-1 lead in the season series, this matchup may prove to be less daunting than it appears on paper, particularly when considering the Lakers’ strength in the frontcourt.

Take a look at some of the Lakers’ standout plays from this thrilling game:

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