Lakers’ Darvin Ham unleashes a scathing critique of Max Christie! What happened with him?


Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach, Darvin Ham, finds himself in an increasingly precarious position, and many fans believe he should be under more scrutiny than he currently is.

The Lakers have been experiencing a lackluster season, with Ham’s unconventional coaching decisions taking center stage in their struggles.

One of the most baffling aspects of Ham’s coaching has been his rotation choices, which have often left fans scratching their heads.

It’s evident that he has favored players, giving them more playing time while leaving others, like D’Angelo Russell, with limited opportunities.

The questionable allocation of minutes becomes apparent when someone like Taurean Prince consistently sees the court ahead of deserving players.

Max Christie, a promising second-year wing, has been notably absent from Ham’s lineup for most of the season.

Despite a strong showing in the Summer League and preseason, Christie has been overshadowed by Cam Reddish in terms of playing time.

The turning point came during a recent game against the Utah Jazz. In a crucial fourth quarter, where the Lakers were desperate for a win, Christie didn’t see a single minute of action while Skylar Mays was on the court.

This decision spoke volumes about Ham’s feelings towards Christie, as it was clear that he favored Mays over the young wing.

Christie has proven himself whenever given the opportunity, but Ham’s reluctance to trust him remains evident. This isn’t a case of riding the “hot hand” either, as Mays didn’t contribute significantly, going scoreless and posting limited statistics.

In contrast, Christie had a positive impact on the team during his 14 minutes on the court, with the Lakers enjoying a +9 point differential during his time.

The fact that Ham chose to rely on a recently acquired two-way player over a second-round draft pick who has been steadily developing raises questions about his understanding of the team’s dynamics.

It doesn’t bode well for Christie, who still possesses untapped potential. This situation highlights Ham’s disconnect with the team and has left many Lakers fans perplexed and concerned about the future of their beloved franchise.

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