KING OF FASHION! LeBron James’s Style Is Playoffs-Ready


LeBron James is prepared for the start of the NBA playoffs this weekend.

Not only did James’ Cleveland Cavaliers beаt the New York Knicks on Monday, giving them home court advantage (and another Central Division title), but James also debuted two spectacular fits before the game.

The first was a Tom Ford pinstripe suit, striped Amiri T-shirt, and Atmos x Nike Air Max sneakers, which he donned to pay a studio visit to 2 Chainz. The second, which he wore when he arrived at Madison Square Garden later that day, was a somewhat subdued but equally cool combination of classic tailoring (an Hermès overcoat) and sporty elements (Nike Air Force 1 sneakers). A king in the year 2018 would dress just like this.

James has spent the bulk of this season in a low-key fashion sense, dressing in all black and donning a variety of team-issued hoodies before, during, and after games. Aside from that one incident in which he sported a round butt bag, he has been maintaining a very low profile, to sаy the least.

But these jigs? This is what it is to give something your all. Putting on a Prince of Wales check overcoat or a pinstripe suit isn’t like waking up and automatically dominating a basketball court for 15 years. It’s hard to beаt LeBron James when he’s feeling particularly cocky and self-centered.

Here’s how to steаl a little of King James’s signature flair for the postseason. And then go achieve the personal triple-double that would be the equivalent of a playoff run.

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