Introducing the Yugoimport SDPR LRSVM Tamnava Self-propelled Modular Multiple Rocket Launcher


LRSVM Tamnava (Lanser Raketa Samohodni Visecevni Modularni Tamnava) is a new modular multiple rocket launcher (MLRS) developed by the Serbian state-owned company Yugoimport SDPR in collaboration Military Technical Institute (Vojnotehnicki institut; VTI).

Tamnava developed by the Serbian state-owned company Yugoimport SDPR, was first presented in December 2018 at the Egyptian exhibition EDEX. The following year, an improved MLRS prototype was shown at the Partner 2019 International defense Exhibition in Belgrade. In October 2019, a military parade was held in Belgrade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the city from Nazi invaders. It intends to strengthen the artillery capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces.

LRSVM Tamnava Self-propelled Modular Multiple Rocket Launcher

Tamnava MLRS is based on the chassis of the KAMAZ 6560 8×8 heavy truck, which is mounted with a crew cabin. The vehicle measures 10.5m long, 2.6m wide, and 2.8m high. The maximum combat weight of the system is 35t. The MLRS is composed of sub-systems including the vehicle, launcher superstructure, launch modules, a hoisting device, an automatic system with drives, and a fire control system.

The armoured cabin can protect the crew from small arms and shell splinters. KAMAZ 6560 8×8 truck is powered by a Euro III compliant KAMAZ-740.63-400 diesel engine developing a nominal power output of 400hp. The engine is coupled to a ZF 16S 1820, mechanical, 16-speed gearbox. The heavy-duty vehicle has a maximum road speed of 90km/h and can attain a maximum range of 1,200km.

LRSVM Tamnava Self-propelled Modular Multiple Rocket Launcher

The sensor suite of the multiple launch rocket system includes an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a satellite navigation receiver, and a radio. Launch modules enable the stowage of the rockets. The units lock the rockets during the movement and also provide direction to the rockets during the launch. The elevation and azimuth are controlled in automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes. Electrical ignition to the rocket motors is provided by the launch module. The system requires 90 seconds to prepare for firing and moves away from the point of firing within 90 seconds. It can conduct burst fire with variable time intervals between 0.8 and four seconds.

LRSVM Tamnava Self-propelled Modular Multiple Rocket Launcher

The baseline modular containers when combined use 122 and 262mm missiles consisting of 2 launched modules 122mm (24 missiles) and 2 modules 262mm (6 missiles). When it only uses 122mm missiles, this system has 48 missiles at its disposal. The total armament being carried by the system constitutes 50 122mm or 12 267mm ready-use rockets. The system requires 90 seconds to prepare for firing and moves away from the point of firing within 90 seconds.”

Rockets are fired from the cabin or a shelter through a remote control panel. The platform is stabilised by four legs during the firing, while automatic slope correction is ensured by a special device.The maximum firing range of the 122mm rockets is 40km, while 267mm rockets can engage targets at a maximum range of 70km.

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