Intriguingly, Benny The Butcher Teases Taylor Swift Before NFL Playoffs Showdown



Benny The Butcher is firmly behind his Buffalo Bills as they prepare to face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. He has a special message for Taylor Swift, who is romantically linked to Kansas City’s star tight end, Travis Kelce.

With a burning desire to avenge the years of playoff defeats at the hands of the Chiefs, The Butcher playfully issued a warning to Swift. He captioned a photo from the Bills’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday (January 15) with these words: “Tell Taylor Swift to tap in when she gets to Buffalo #BillsMafia.”

One enthusiastic fan even suggested, “Tell Swift to add some steak to her salad because the butcher is coming.”

Adding to the banter, Bills legend Andre Reed chimed in, saying, “The Butcher is on that ‘Bron’ Tip,” in reference to the rapper’s latest track.

To secure their place beyond the Wildcard round, the Bills convincingly defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-17 on Monday, led by quarterback Josh Allen, who scored four touchdowns.

This year, instead of traveling to Kansas City as they have in the past, the Bills will face the Chiefs on Sunday, January 22, at Highmark Stadium in the icy setting of Buffalo, New York. Fans can anticipate both Benny and possibly T-Swift being present for this crucial playoff showdown between rivals.

January is shaping up to be an epic month for The Butcher, with the Bills eyeing a Super Bowl run and his debut album under Def Jam Records scheduled for release on January 26.



His upcoming album, “Everybody Can’t Go,” consists of 12 tracks and features previously released singles like “Bron,” “Big Dog” featuring Lil Wayne, and “One Foot In” with Stove God Cooks.

During a November appearance on the Rap Radar Podcast, the Buffalo native explained the significance behind the title of his forthcoming LP. As is typical for The Butcher, “Everybody Can’t Go” carries multiple meanings, encompassing themes of loyalty and being “built different.”

He elaborated, “Everybody can’t go because they’re not cut from the same cloth, they’re not made that way. And you can’t vibe with every single track, you know what I’m saying? Not everything resonates with everyone. With progress comes new challenges, and I strive for more, I aim for bigger things for myself.”

The Butcher continued, “When you make that initial cut – when you clearly see that some people don’t belong in your circle – those who pass that test might think they’re safe. What I mean by ‘level up’ is a shift in my mindset and, of course, in my approach to making music.”


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