Inside the largest 13 billion dollar aircraft carrier in the world, in the middle of the ocean


Welcome back to the FLUCTUS channel for a feature of the Gerald R Ford Class, the world’s biggest aircraft carrier at sea. With a full load displacement of 100,000t and the 78m-wide flight deck, this amazing warship has the capacity to carry more than 75 aircraft and accommodate 4,539 personnel, including the ship’s company, air wing and other support staff.

A carrier strike group is huge, consisting of roughly 7500 personnel. 1 Aircraft Carrier, 2 Guided Missile Cruisers, 2 Anti-Aircraft Warships, and 1-2 Anti-Submarine Destroyers or Frigates. 65 – 70 aircraft. Now multiply that by 11 for the US Navy alone. Maybe one day we’ll be able to spend all these billions of dollars toward something which isn’t for national defense, until then, I’m glad we’re able to do so.

I was on the Oriskany and Ticonderoga between 66 and 69. Both ships had one enlisted mess. I remember during non flight days, it was get in line all day long. 2000 or so crew members waiting to get fed in a 300 or so seating area. The new sailor has a sweet life on the carrier! Enough of complaining, I learned how to be proud of my navy days.

As a prior Active (2003-2007 as a BM with FFG-42 [Decom]) and in the reserves with the Navy Seabees from 2007-Present till next year hitting 20 years, I always try to get new recruits who just came from boot camp to try to get into Active Duty at LEAST 4 years. Get to experience the REAL Navy out to see and self-development in their careers.


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