Inside Phyno Splash’s Multi Billion Naira Mansion, where he enjoys his lavish life in Nigeria


Phynofino, the rapper Chibuzor Azubuike, has become a prolific landlord as a result of his enormous real estate investments.

The first-time father, who was regarded as one of the finest indigenous rap artists, paid an enormous amount to acquire twenty housing units.

This development occurs shortly after the singer, who posted a photo of himself holding the newborn to Instagram to proclaim the birth of his child with his unidentified partner, disclosed the news.


Kennedy Okonkwo, a real estate magnate, revealed the information regarding the entertainer’s property acquisition. Okonkwo stated that the celebrity had acquired twenty units in their newly constructed housing development.

Okonkwo wrote, in conjunction with an image of expansive real estate, “It is the Landlord Season. Phynofino, we congratulate you on the acquisition of twenty units for Our Empire Terrace Project.Supporters and admirers are incredulous of Phyno’s astute financial decisions regarding his substantial real estate investment, as evidenced by the number of comments in the post expressing their approval.

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