Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s Jaw-Dropping Marbella Villa $16M, a special gift he gave to his girlfriends Georgina Rodriguez


Even though Cristiano Ronaldo relocated to Turin to help lead Juventus to the next level, he still loves to rest in Spain. As a result, he just paid $1.6 million for this exquisite property that is located directly next to the residence of Connor McGregor. The luxurious home can be found in Marbella, which is located on the Costa del Sol in Spain. More specifically, it can be found in a neighborhood known as “The Superstars Cul de Sac.”

The two athletes call a neighborhood that is near the La Resina Gold Course and has spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea home. This neighborhood is where they reside. The opulent residence that serves as Ronaldo’s home in Marbella is characterized by clean, modern design lines and a stark white facade. On each of the two levels, which are joined to one another by a floating staircase, there are high ceilings and an open floor layout.

There is a large master suite that has a private shower and a walk-in closet that is rather spacious, with mesmerizing views of the ocean. Without the omnipresent wine cellar, fully-equipped gym, and home theatre, a stately manor would be lacking in its essential components. A sophisticated automation system controls the lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as the entertainment systems.

The exterior of the property has landscaping that is nearly ideal, a pool with an infinity edge, a fire pit that is dug into the ground, and a nice outdoor seating area. Would you prefer to live in the neighborhood where Cristiano Rolando is located?

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