India’s New Fighter Tejas MK2, which will replace the MiG-29, Mirage, and Jaguar, is ready for testing

Tejas MK II is ready for trials, will come out soon once the final review done.

In a recent interview by Dr. Anantha Krishnan (Tarmak) with dr. Kota said, ” Tejas mk2 is ready should come out once the final review done and will replace Mirage-2000, MiG-29 and Jaguar fighter aircraft”.

The LCA Mk-2 is a replacement for the Mirage 2000, MiG-29, and Jaguar class of aircraft, “which is much bigger, and it has got a bigger engine also” and can carry more than 6.5 tonnes of payload. “It’s a much more capable aircraft, but what is important is that the technology is already developed in LCA. That is why this is something targeted very fast,”. The roll-out is planned for 2022 and first flight by 2023 and production of the Mk-2 version by 2026.

Tejas Mk-2 is single-engine aircraft designed by India’s Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The Tejas jet has been touted as one of four leading light combat aircraft (LCA) in the world today, according to a latest research report.

According to “Eurasian Times” announced that the “Tejas” MK-2 fighter jet that will be jointly launched by the Indian ADA and HAL is expected to be among the four best-performing light fighters in the world today. The other three are the Swdish Saab JAS-39 Gripen fighter jets , the JF-17 fighter jets jointly developed by China and Pakistan, and the J-10 series fighter jets launched by China. “Eurasia Times” believes that the performance of the “Tejas” MK-2 fighter may be inferior to the JAS-39 Gripen fighter, but it is definitely far superior to China’s JF-17 and J-10 fighter jets.

It is reported that the “Tejas” MK-2 fighter is improved versions of the “Tejas” fighter. Its overall layout is basically the same, but the canard is added to the MK-2. Tejas MK 2 fighter jet new design will improves the maneuverability of the aircraft.

In terms of avionics equipment, the “Tejas” MK-2 fighter jet will be equipped with a multi-sensor data fusion system, including the UTTAM-2 latest active phased array radar, infrared pod and smart cockpit, to improve the aircraft’s controllability and perception of the battlefield situation ability.

In terms of weapon systems, the “Tejas” Mk-2 fighter jets will be equipped with India-made Astra Variants AAM, Python 5, Asraam, Mica Air-To-Air missiles. SAAW, Hlsd, Guided HLSD, Garuthma and it’s sister, Dumb bombs, Spice 2000 kit based bombs, Rampage missile. Rudram 1,2,3, Brahmos NG, ALCM, NASM SR, SANT (possibly ), Cats hunter stealth UAV.

The aircraft had recently made headlines when the new Indian Air Force (IAF) chief, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, according to multiple reports, stated that seven squadrons of the Tejas Mk-2 (each squadron consists of 18 aircraft) are projected for induction into the service in the coming years. Chaudhari was then discussing the future roadmap of the IAF.

Currently, the Tejas Mk-2 fighter jet is in the Critical Design Review (CDR) phase, which involves multi-disciplinary technical review to ensure that a system can proceed to fabrication, demonstration, and testing to meet desired performance standards while keeping up with the schedule and cost restrictions. This stage is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Reports suggest that the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) stage was concluded earlier this year. This is the phase where new technologies are tested, and if they are found to be mature enough, are integrated into the product subsystem.

According to reports more than 60% of the work prior to the flight tests has been finished. The progress made so far includes the completion of finalization of cockpit configuration, sensors, antennae, process finalization for drawing release, procurement of raw materials and their availability assessment, detailed design of various subsystems, finalization of SOPs for Mk-2’s first flight.

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