Incredible adventure: 300 pups win a man’s heart and are surrounded by unending support and affection


Animal activists are people committed to their cause who love and respect the lives of other species, which is why they are always willing to carry out the most daring acts if it comes to saving a creature.

A clear and sincere example of what a true animal activist is is represented by  Ricardo Pimentel,  a committed Mexican who sheltered more than  300 dogs  in his home during the onslaught of a hurricane.For Pimentel, animals are his children and he would not leave them alone

This good man lives in  Cancun (Mexico),  and from there he manages a sanctuary called  Tierra de Animales  which is on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by jungle and which houses animals of different species.Kittens, dogs, chickens, sheep, turkeys, horses, cows… more than five hundred creatures have passed through the place. For this reason, faced with the threat of  Hurricane Delta  last October, Pimentel would not stay with his arms crossed.The man knew how exposed the little animals were, especially the dogs.

The shelter does not have the necessary infrastructure to protect them in a dangerous situation like the one that was approaching, so they decided to bring the sanctuary to their home.As incredible as it may sound, Pimentel celebrated the strangest sleepover with at least  300 dogs sheltered in his house.They all made a big fuss but they were protected.With a group of volunteers, the man was in charge of transporting his guests in a far from simple undertaking that took them more than  5 hours.“We have two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom available for volunteers who wanted to come and stay here to help us with all the things we had to do. We had to bring them tied two by two. “Some were scared, they didn’t know how to walk on a leash, so we had to take them to the house, but in the end it was worth it because everyone is safe.”

Despite how chaotic this decision may sound, the dogs behaved quite well and Pimentel was proud of them. After the danger passed, the man and his team had to begin not only the transfer but also the repairs to the sanctuary.Ricardo was happy to have them all in his home.Even though when the hurricane made landfall it had become a Category 2 storm, it wreaked havoc on the sanctuary’s infrastructure.“The next morning, when the hurricane was over, we had to do a lot of repairs and clear all the [animal] areas of trees and branches. So they stayed in the house the next day until 5 or 6 in the afternoon,” the rescuer explained.

After this experience, the man works on building hurricane-proof shelters within the sanctuary itself and is happy that all his furry children were out of danger.When the dogs left their house, there were several “gifts” that Pimentel had to collect, but knowing that they had been saved was enough reward for him.Without a doubt, his decision speaks of his good heart and commitment, he shares this beautiful story and recognizes the kindness of this rescuer. The world needs many Ricardo Pimentels!

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