In the middle of the desert, a massive US aircraft with a weight of 265 tons takes off with full thrust


Welcome back to Daily Aviation for a feature on one of the busiest strategic military airlift aircraft that can fly more than 4 million total flight hours in 2021 and can operate from almost anyplace. Image Source: The Daily Aviation, US Air Force

Since I’ve been a loadmaster for 20 years, I’ve had the honor of piloting these magnificent aircraft. You’ve traveled to some wonderful places and some areas where your worst enemy shouldn’t go (yes, yes, you probably would). Most people might be surprised by some of the burdens we once carried.

The F-15 Strike Eagle is a fantastic fighter and is still the BOSS when it comes to air domination. I also enjoy watching the C-17 Cargo plane since it has a wonderful appearance and can travel huge distances without refueling.

The C-17 is by far the most capable and comfortable aircraft I’ve flown (I’ve also flown the C-130, C-141, and C-5). When I was returning from my most recent deployment, I landed at Bagram Air Base and was fortunate enough to speak to a C-17 flight crew member who informed me that there would be a flight to Ramstein Air Base, where I was, in two hours. I took the flight, and a medivac had been organized, and I spent the majority of the trip back dozing off on a stretcher, which was by far the best.

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