In order to keep his old dog company as he harvests corn, he carries him on his back.


We are all very clear about the special bond that is established between a human being and their pet; It is something as indescribable and peculiar as it is beneficial for both, and that ends up becoming an indivisible commitment based on affection that lasts a lifetime.

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news. Stories that dignify this wonderful relationship abound on social networks, refreshing us with the clear water that emanates from each of these gestures of reciprocal love.

One of these is told through a video and is that of “Canito”, a sweet 12-year-old canine grandfather and Yeliz, his loving caregiver.

His story stole and filled the hearts of thousands of users on social networks with hope.

Yeliz goes out with the sun every day to harvest corn, and since she was a puppy, Canito has accompanied her and taken care of her during her noble task. However, Canito no longer has that youthful vigor that always characterized him. Due to his advanced age, it is difficult for him to walk, which does not prevent Yeliz from carrying him on his back, happy for him. They are inseparable.

“My Canito is tired, as you already know, he is 12 years old and I have to carry him,” said the young woman in the video that went viral and already has more than 85 thousand views.

As expected, the images that emerge from the recording deeply affected people, since the woman’s expression denotes tiredness, but at the same time tranquility of knowing that she is next to her best friend and faithful four-legged companion.

A gesture that did not go unnoticed and turned into a shower of praise for his daily effort and dedication.

“A pure love. Thanks for spoiling that little four-legged boy. El Canito is tired, what a blessing that you take care of him. “He is a beautiful grandfather, thank you for helping him,” are some of the comments that Yeliz received.

Actually, it is difficult to try to explain in words what that particular mechanism is that is triggered in the bond between animals and people. Simply put, we will say that it is a peculiar, special and very deep connection that disorients us.

The role that dogs and cats play in our lives, regardless of age, goes far beyond being a simple companion animal . Anyone who has had the privilege of living with a pet knows that he is always and will always be there to provide comfort, affection, security and motivation.

Let’s keep in mind that age is a number, not a disease . Maturity and old age are, therefore, arbitrary concepts, defined based on life expectancy. Additionally, dogs age in different ways and at different rates, depending on their size . We hope that Canito and Yeliz share many more moments of happiness together.

This beautiful story of unconditional love between Yeliz and Canito is worthy of being spread throughout the world.

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