In conclusion, the US is testing a new stealth bomber!

Nuclear warheads are the most destructive weapons on earth; and Russia has over 6,000 of them, more than any other country – including the US.

This much power at the hands of a non-ally, now coupled with concerns that Russia may go nuclear in its invasion of Ukraine if the war doesn’t go its way, is all too much for the US to bear.

Proactively, the US military has for years been devising ways to mitigate the might of Russia’s nuclear arsenal; from the fastest aircraft in history to the world’s first fifth-generation fighter, and now, the deadliest nuclear bomber the world has never seen, the brand new B-21 Raider; a highly advanced sibling to the highly advanced B-2 Spirit.

This new bomber would project the might of the US Air Force in the brightest colors like the B-2 currently does, and send stern warnings to non-allies, like the B-2 currently does – in Australia.

Finally: US Is Testing Its NEW Stealth Bomber!

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