Idris Elba spent huge amounts of money to buy a resort villa so family enjoy the most luxurious life in Hollywood


Celebrities from Hollywood took lavish holidays to far-off places during this holiday season.


The Kardashian family luxuriated in an Aspen lodge, Ansel Elgort rented a villa in the Dominican Republic, and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen shared tidbits about their trips to Turks & Caicos and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The most breathtaking vacation, though, might have been Idris Elba’s trip to the Maldives.


The Hobbs & Shaw star and his wife Sabrina took refuge at One&Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives, where they were housed in one of the resort’s overwater villas.


Elba’s villa is located on one of the biggest private islands in North Malé Atoll, and there are only high-stilted wooden walkways that lead to it.


This one-bedroom retreat is perched above the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by the stunningly blue waves of the ocean. It has a large layout with a living and eating area as well as a spa-like bathroom. Local and Balinese themes are harmoniously incorporated into the design of the property.


The villa’s outside is stunning, while the interior emanates a sophisticated sense of tranquillity. Elba enjoyed a private infinity pool with catamaran nets that are ideal for relaxing and which naturally blend with the stunning surroundings.

The idea of indoor-outdoor living is further embodied by a separate balcony with a daybed overlooking the beach, an outdoor dining area perfect for candlelit dinners, and an outdoor shower. For the Cats star, the direct lagoon access was unquestionably the cherry on top.

The English actor enjoyed a romantic private dinner experience at Tapasake restaurant, unwinding at the chic Rah Bar, exploring the area around the resort on a bicycle, and lounging on the fine sand beaches.

Elba, a passionate soccer player, even took part in the One&Only Festive Football Tournament. On New Year’s Eve, he surprised other guests by performing as a DJ, giving a memorable touch to an already amazing trip.

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