His brave actions saved his dog from being crushed to death by a python


The python has a firm grip on this poor dog. Watch as the owner tries to rescue his puppy from this deadly animal.

His Dog Was Being Squeezed To Death By A Python But His Brave Actions Changed Everything

This python had this man’s dog in its sights for dinner. Luckily, this brave owner was willing to risk everything to save his pet’s life.

A case of life and death

In Karnataka region in India, dangerous animals are not uncommon – especially deadly snakes. This dog crossed paths with a python who decided he wanted him for his dinner. The snake had begun to wrap itself around its prey, ready to suffocate and then swallow him. Luckily, the dog’s owners arrived in time and were able to bravely beat off the python with a stick. After a few seconds, the cold-blooded creature relinquishes the dog and slithers off to find its lunch elsewhere.

Luckily in the UK, we don’t have the same kind of animals to contend with. However, there are certain diseases affecting dogs that run rampant in our parts. Remember give your pup a hug tonight!


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