HE IS NORMAL! Chrisean Rock BREAKS DOWN in tears asking Cardi B to stop criticizing her baby’s looks.


Chrissy Rock Faces Intense Criticism Over Son’s Alleged Disabilities: A Look at the Ongoing Social Media Backlash.

In the ever-watchful eyes of social media, Chrissy Rock has often found herself at the center of criticism. However, recent accusations from social media users have taken a far more serious and personal turn.


The star of “Baddy” welcomed her first child last year with her on-and-off partner, Blueface. While Rock has frequently shared heartfelt photos and videos of her baby, not all responses from the public have been positive.


HE IS NORMAL!🚨 Chrisean Rock BREAKS DOWN in tears asking people to stop criticizing her baby's looks - YouTube


Recently, Rock posted an adorable video of herself spending quality time with her son. Although many commenters showered the post with love, a significant number expressed concern.

Some users speculated that the infant’s cry sounded abnormal, fueling accusations that Rock consumed alcohol during her pregnancy.


“She needs to take him to be evaluated ASAP,” one commenter wrote, while another harshly alleged, “I’m sick of people defending her. She is the reason why her son has disabilities.”

Amid the storm of criticism, Rock found an unexpected ally in Blueface’s mother, Carissa Saffold. Despite her past criticisms of Chrissy and her son, Saffold publicly defended her in the comments section of Hollywood Unlocked.

Cardi B Offers Chrisean Rock Advice About Being a New Mom - XXL

“Now here come the devil’s children saying I said his eyes far apart like I was saying they wasn’t cute. I don’t care what I said or how you took it. I said kiss his ass and M’s too,” Saffold wrote. “That’s right, show him off. Show him he’s loved regardless of what they say. Hey lil Chrissy, and we love you man.”

This incident highlights the intense scrutiny public figures face, particularly concerning their children. It raises important questions about the boundaries of public commentary and the impact such criticism can have on parents and their families.


While the allegations against Rock are severe, the outpouring of both criticism and support underscores the polarized nature of social media discourse.

As this story continues to develop, it is clear that the dialogue surrounding Chrissy Rock and her son is far from over. What do you think about the latest video of Chrissy and her son?

Have social media users crossed the line with their accusations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and stay tuned to Hip Hop Trends for more updates.

Watch full video below:

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