Harbin Z-19: History of China’s extremely dangerous attack helicopter

The Z-19 is a product of Harbin Industrial Corporation based on the design of the Harbin Z-9W armed version

The Z-19 is esentially a tandem-seat version of the Z-9W, using mechanical components derived from the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin series. The Z-19 features a fenestron tail, reducing the noise level and therefore allowing it to achieve some level of acoustic stealthiness.

The exhausts have also been designed to reduce the infrared signature, and can execute operations under difficult weather and environmental conditions. The fuselage is also equipped with non-retractable front-landing gears for safe take-off and landing.

The helicopter has a length of 12m and height of approximately 4.01m. Maximum take-off weight is 4.5 tons, whereas the empty weight is 2.35 tons.

The Harbin Z-19 is powered by two WZ-8A Turboshaft engines, with 940 hp each. The power-plant provides a cruising speed of about 245km/h and a maximum speed of approximately 280km/h. The helicopter has a maximum range of 700km, can climb at a rate of 9m/s and operate at a ceiling of 2,400m. It can perform airborne operations for more than three hours.


It can be seen that the Harbin Z-19 Light Attack Helicopter is a superior helicopter, with good firepower, high mobility, many modern features, and especially the stealth design, deserves to be one of the leading light attack helicopters in the world today.

Harbin Z-19: History of China’s Extremely Dangerous Attack Helicopter

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