Goodoo Russell accidentally bites Maurya with a venomous snake. and have a terrible outcome


In a recent incident, a man named Guddu Maurya was bitten by a venomous snake. The incident occurred when Maurya mistook a Russell’s viper for a python and attempted to pick it up. This mistake proved to be a fatal one, as the viper bit him on the hand.

Maurya was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment, but unfortunately, he did not survive the venomous bite. This tragic incident highlights the importance of being aware of the dangers of venomous snakes and taking appropriate precautions when encountering them.

The Russell’s viper is one of the most venomous snakes found in India and is responsible for a significant number of snakebite deaths in the country each year. It is easily recognizable by its distinctive triangular head and can grow up to 5 feet in length.

In this particular incident, Maurya mistook the viper for a python, which is a common mistake as both snakes have a similar appearance when viewed from a distance. However, pythons are not venomous and are generally harmless to humans.

It is crucial to be able to identify venomous snakes accurately and to take appropriate precautions when encountering them. This includes avoiding handling them and seeking immediate medical attention if bitten.

In conclusion, the incident involving Guddu Maurya is a tragic reminder of the dangers of venomous snakes and the importance of being able to identify them accurately. It is crucial to take appropriate precautions when encountering these creatures to avoid potentially fatal bites.


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