German Navy Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) Completes NATO Deployment

Members of the German Navy’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), of the Naval Air Wing THREE (NAW 3) have successfully completed a NATO deployment culminating on September 10. The aircraft and its crew deployed August 26, executing 10 missions in support of NATO activity in the Eastern Mediterranean. Its deployment is part of a multi-domain operational effort to maintain a comprehensive maritime picture in the area. Over the course of two weeks of the deployment, the force completed missions including maritime patrols and advanced training with allied surface forces, submarines and fighter aircraft.

German Navy Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) Completes NATO Deployment

“The German Navy’s MPA performance during this deployment showcased an exceptional level of warfighting capability, seamless integration into the larger NATO construct, and further enhanced our maritime situational awareness,” said Commodore Ilias Raptis, Deputy Chief of Staff for the Maritime Air Directorate at Allied Maritime Command.

NATO Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) regularly fly over European waters including the Baltic and Black Seas and Eastern Mediterranean to assure alliance partnerships and deter adversaries. These aircraft routinely support NATO Maritime Groups patrolling the waters around Europe including the Baltic and Black Seas and Eastern Mediterranean. The deployment was part of NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF). This force is fully operational as a rapid reinforcement capability and if activated, the force moves immediately to act as a potential deterrent to further escalation.

The deployment was under the operational control of NATO’s Commander Maritime Air (COMMARAIR), one of the three Command and Control elements of Allied Maritime Command. In constant coordination with Commander Submarines (COMSUBNATO) and Commander of Surface Forces (COMSURFNATO), all maritime assets are operating to support NATO missions and exercises. All three commands are embedded in the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) located in Northwood (England), and provide a constant demonstration of NATO capability to deter and defend.

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