Futuristic Concepts: Look at the future of technology and design with hydrogen scooters and stealth ships


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Let’s explore what France has to offer.

At the Euro Naval 2022 exhibition, French experts unveiled a groundbreaking stealth ship concept known as the “Blue Shark.” According to its creators, this vessel represents the future of warships. Several standout features make the Blue Shark unique, including multiple holes at once, low-observable technology similar to stealth planes, and a strong focus on eco-friendliness. This ship incorporates approximately 20 technologies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by about half when compared to a typical frigate. Additionally, it will be equipped with various unmanned vehicles, including aerial, underwater, and surface drones. While the primary weaponry will consist of missiles, specific details about the types and quantities of missiles remain undisclosed.

Here are some vital statistics about the Blue Shark: it boasts a length of 160 meters, a width of approximately 37 meters, and a displacement of 5500 tons.

Bugatti Spartacus

Remaining in France, Bugatti is contemplating a potential market surprise. Discussions about a new car have been ongoing for some time, but the company’s direction remains uncertain. In 2019, there was talk of the world’s most expensive crossover, but in 2022, Bugatti announced that there would be no crossovers in the next 10 years. Similarly, in 2019, there was excitement about a 1900-horsepower electric motor, but the company later clarified that no electric vehicles were in the pipeline. For now, all we can do is admire some beautiful images of Bugatti’s concepts.

Kronos Submarine

Introducing the Kronos, an armored submarine inspired by Greek mythology, suitable for both civilian and military markets. The specifications include a capacity for 11 people, a maximum underwater speed of 50 kilometers per hour, a surface speed of 80 kilometers per hour, a maximum diving depth of 250 meters, a 1200 horsepower diesel-electric engine, adaptive lighting, air conditioning, and torpedo slots. This submarine’s design emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, using less energy when submerged, providing greater stability, and reducing fuel consumption. The team is currently accepting orders for the Kronos, with an estimated cost of one and a half million dollars. The intended user or purpose of this unique machine remains undisclosed.

TransPod FluxJet

Moving on to Canada, in 2022, a fifth mode of transportation was introduced, called the Flux Jet. It offers high-speed transportation for passengers and cargo through vacuum tunnels at speeds exceeding 1000 kilometers per hour. The concept bears a resemblance to Elon Musk’s hyperloop, but Canadian experts view it as a breakthrough that could boost Canada’s GDP by $19.2 billion during its construction. The cost of traveling on the Flux Jet is expected to be 44% lower than the cost of a plane ticket, making it economically attractive. The flexibility to adjust the number of passengers and cargo pods allows for efficient use of the infrastructure.


Here’s another futuristic vehicle concept that could redefine transportation, potentially making traditional cars obsolete. The ZG-ONE is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) equipped with six engines, three sets of batteries, and a triple-degree flight control system. Its design emphasizes simplicity and comfort, providing a distraction-free environment for passengers. With an autopilot system and a parachute in case of emergencies, flying to work in a ZG-ONE promises to be a pleasant and efficient experience, eliminating traffic jams and allowing for more restful commutes. The concept received praise at the Design Intelligence Awards.

Rescue Drone

Another project recognized for its innovation is a product designed to improve water safety. Every year, a significant number of people drown, with more than half of these incidents occurring in deep waters where potential dangers are often ignored. These drones, when networked together, can effectively monitor large bodies of water and detect trouble immediately. Equipped with infrared cameras, they can drop life-saving capsules and prevent tragedies from occurring.

Tesla’s Vision for 2050

A visionary designer in India has imagined what Tesla cars might look like in 2050 and created a 3D model. The concept retains the stylish minimalism of current Tesla cars but adds wings and new engines. These vehicles are designed for elite passengers and operate in semi-autonomous mode, promising a luxurious and futuristic driving experience. The only requirement, apart from substantial funds, is a home helipad.


A vehicle that could redefine SUVs, the Thundertruck offers a range of 644 kilometers on a single charge, 800 horsepower, rapid acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour in just three and a half seconds, 37 centimeters of ground clearance, and large wings equipped with solar panels that double as awnings. If mass-produced, the Thundertruck is expected to cost around seventy thousand dollars, providing a powerful and environmentally friendly alternative.

Mukaab: The Cubic Skyscraper

Saudi Arabia plans to build a massive cubic skyscraper by 2030, covering an area of 19 square kilometers around the skyscraper for additional developments. The skyscraper’s sides are each 400 meters long, and it will feature shopping centers, theaters, museums, an opera house, university science laboratories, 9,000 hotel rooms, and an inner spiral tower for residents and guests. This ambitious project aims to create approximately 334,000 new jobs and aligns with Saudi Vision 2030, reducing the country’s dependence on oil.


CryptoKicks sneakers offer a unique experience, featuring AI options, automatic lacing, accelerometers, haptic feedback, gesture control, and support for a “move to earn” system. Owners can complete various quests and earn cryptocurrency rewards while wearing these sneakers. They are available in four colors, with prices ranging from $450 to $1333, but only buyers from the United States can purchase them due to specific product regulations.

HYDRA: The Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle

Hydrogen power has potential in the world of transportation, and this concept motorcycle runs on hydrogen. It offers a simple and unusual design, combining ease of setup with environmental friendliness. Hydrogen is abundant in the universe, making hydrogen power an attractive option for the future.

Tornado-Proof House Concept

This innovative concept involves homes that can adapt to weather conditions, inspired by the drawbridge of a medieval castle. These homes can move parts of the structure relative to others, offering protection during thunderstorms and tornadoes. By linking these houses together, entire cities could become more resilient to the elements.

Renault Float + Volkswagen Hover

Both Renault and Volkswagen have unveiled pod car concepts. These compact vehicles feature magnetic levitation, rounded bodies, and two passenger seats. Renault’s pods can be connected for various purposes, such as hauling, while Volkswagen’s pod car offers on-the-go charging and an automatic crash avoidance system.

These concepts represent a glimpse into the future of transportation, architecture, and innovation, showcasing the remarkable potential for technology and design to shape our world.

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