French Montana knows how to enjoy his money inside lavish Hidden Hills mansion


After six months, Paul “PG-13” George sold his large house in Hidden Hills, L.A. In 2016, the NBA player and his longtime partner, former stripper Daniela Rajic, spent $7.4 mιllιon for the 1.35-acre property.

Moroccan-born, Grammy-nominated rapper and songwriter French Montana controls the buyer. The 36-year-old Calabasas native has 13 billion combined streams and a diamond hit with “Unforgettable.”

George and Rajic did not alter the architecturally ambiguous Hidden Hills mansion throughout their four-year reign. The roughly 16,000-square-foot structure was erected in 1989 for a non-famous family who sold it to George. The lawn and aerial views make the bunker-esqué manor look like a modern-meets-old-Tuscan confection. The structure resembles a strangely squat and wide suburban church from the street and the large front motorcourt.

In 2021, Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, Jeffree Star, and Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli will relocate to a $9.5 mιllιon estate on Ashley Ridge, Hidden Hills’ most prestigious area. The new French Montana estate neighbors Vin Scully.

The 4,000-square-foot big room will amaze guests and vendors. Glass walls, motorized skylights, and a mature indoor tree illuminate polished flooring. One cozy seating area is next to a large stone fireplace.

Six horse-legged stools surround a marble breakfast bar in the modern kitchen. A games area, fireplace-equipped den, formal dining room, movie theater, gym with steam shower, wine cellar, and mahogany-paneled library are features.

The master suite is large but outdated. The sitting space has gray wall-to-wall carpeting, a skylit bathroom with granite counters and a couch, two dressing rooms/walk-in closets, and a “private sunning patio.” The patio overlooks the tiered backyard, which includes every resort amenity: a basketball court, built-in children’s playroom, outdoor kitchen with BBQ, entertainer’s terrace with fireplace, and separate music/TV center. The property is private due to a sycamore and palm thicket.

George and Rajic bought DeAndre Jordan’s 10,000-square-foot Pacific Palisades home for $16.1 mιllιon in September 2019. French Montana still owns his $3.3 mιllιon Tuscan-style Calabasas “starter house” that he bought from Selena Gomez in 2016. (That property was listed in the first part of this year at $6.6 mιllιon, decreasing to $5.6 mιllιon before being delisted.)

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