Following the capture of a 22-foot snake that had been devoured alive, two lost dogs were discovered


An enormous snake with two dogs inside its stomach has been caught in north eastern Thailand.

The animal was discovered in Thai wasteland (Picture: Viral Press)

The 22ft-long python was found in wasteland with a massive bulge in its belly – and locals believe it has been living on stray and pet animals.

The giant serpent was spotted slithering across abandoned construction materials at a vacant lot in Sisaket province on July 9.

Video footage shows animal handlers pulling it out of an elaborate nest it had built under a pile of old concrete posts.

22ft Python

One, Piyachat Charoensopha, explained: ‘It was one of the biggest snakes we have seen so far.

‘The python might have lived in that wasteland for a while and lived on stray animals.’

22ft Python

Piyachat added that a villager was looking for their two missing pet dogs, which are likely be the creatures inside the snake’s stomach.

He continued: ‘A villager was looking for two dogs.

‘There were two dogs inside the snake so we believe it was the missing pets.’

The animal is now being looked after by vets (Picture: Viral Press)

The snake was found easily because of its size – and could barely move because of the size of its latest meal.

It was then taken to a rehabilitation facility and will be looked after by vets.

A number of python species live in Thailand, including the reticulated python, which is considered the longest snake in the world.

In 2021, a farmer in Chon Buri province came across another massive 20ft-long python that required eight rescuers to pull from fields.


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