Following his altercation with Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson urges Oleksandr Usyk to retire immediately.


Oleksandr Usyk has been encouraged to retire from boxing rather than face Tyson Fury in a rematch. This advice comes from former world champion Mike Tyson, who has commented on the Ukrainian’s future after he outpointed Fury in their undisputed bout on Saturday night.

Usyk triumphed over Fury in a historic match, becoming the first undisputed champion in the four-belt era to hold titles in two weight classes. The Ukrainian boxer, who previously dominated the cruiserweight division, has now cemented his legacy as a heavyweight champion, and currently holds the No.1 spot on the Ring Magazine pound-for-pound list.

In the fight, Usyk dropped and nearly stopped Fury in the ninth round, securing a victory that many believe solidifies his status as one of the greatest fighters of his generation. Tyson, reflecting on Usyk’s illustrious career, believes there is nothing left for him to prove.

Speaking on the most recent episode of talkSPORT’s ‘The Verdict’ podcast with George Groves, the former unified super-middleweight champion Tyson said: “I think the only thing Usyk will do is retire, he will either have the rematch or retire. He’s got nothing to prove. He’s beaten AJ twice, he’s now beaten Tyson Fury. He is the generational great for me. Usyk is the main, he is the leader of the pack. When you look back at this generation of heavyweights you’re going to look back and say ‘Oleksandr Usyk is the main man, he’s dominated.’”

Tyson continued, “In my opinion, he should retire. He’s done everything he needs to do, he’s made enough money, he’s mastered the game, he’s completed boxing. There is nothing left to do. Undisputed cruiserweight, undisputed heavyweight, 37 years old, getting towards 40. When I retired, I was nearly 37. Usyk is at that age where I know how you feel in training camp and how you feel in round seven and eight. He’s completed boxing, hang up the gloves, and turn it in. That is my advice to him. I don’t think he’s got anything left to prove, the rematch proves nothing. Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and the rest of the heavyweights can fight for the number two position.”

Despite Tyson’s advice, the heavyweight titans are contractually obliged to run back their fight, providing Fury activates the two-way rematch clause written into their contracts, which he has indicated he will. Saudi boxing chief Turki Alalshikh recently confirmed that the second fight is penciled in for October 12/13. After which, a fight between Fury and Anthony Joshua is being targeted for March 2025.


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Usyk’s future in boxing remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: his legacy as one of the greatest fighters of his generation is already secure.

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