FIRST TIME EVER: Creepy Creatures From Below Captured

The biggest cave in the world is called Son Dunga. situated where Laos and Vietnam converge.The cave is accessible to tourists in 2013. Since then, numerous tourists have reported encountering the dreadful beings, which are humanoids with reptile-like skin and resemble mythical demons. There is also an unopened case of a missing individual.

Prior to 2013, several researchers broke the law to enter the cave, and several of them recounted experiences with creatures that fit the same description.

Ho Kang claims that he was the one who found the cave in 1992. These animals had actually come face to face with him. They were “devilish beings,” according to Kahn, with human bodies and skin that resembled lizards or dragons.

Cannes makes a picture without asking seal one of these creatures in the deep darkness of the cave.At first glance the picture is difficult to discern anything else.But when we look more closely:

The creature had a really sinister expression on its face.

A visage from the abyss is in front of us after digital picture processing:can make out his scaly skin and menacing face!These “burrowers” legends have reportedly existed for literally hundreds of years in Chinese folklore.

Even in the national mythology, there are references to the “bottom land” legend!Have you heard the hypothesis that a highly advanced civilization once thrived inside the hollow core of the Earth?According to myths and legends, the caverns at Son Dunga are entry points to “below land,” and this is most likely the only image of its people.

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