One of the first homes built in Hollywoodland in 1920 was once owned by Madonna


A former Madonna residence in the Hollywood Hills is going on the market for $21 miℓℓio?. The approximately 10,500 square foot Spanish-style home features views of the famous Hollywood sign.

Madonna's Former 1920s Spanish-Style Estate Is Listed for $21 Million |  Architectural Digest

The 1920s-era home, known as Castillo del Lago, is situated on a ridge beneath the famous Hollywood sign. According to a memoir authored by her brother, Christopher Ciccone, Madonna purchased the home for about $5 miℓℓio? in 1993 and sold it in 1996.

Castillo del Lago: Hollywood Hills Home Once Owned by Madonna Lists for $21  Million — The Hollywood Home The Hollywood Home

Records indicate that fashion designer Leon Max of Max Studio is the current owner of the home.

Hollywood Hills Home Once Owned by Madonna Lists for $21 Million - Mansion  Global

According to the 2007 book “Houses of Los Angeles,” the Spanish-style villa, created by renowned architect John DeLario, was one of the first houses constructed in Hollywoodland, a neighborhood that began as a 1920s real-estate development.

Hollywood Hills Home Once Owned by Madonna Lists for $21 Million - Mansion  Global

The house has since become a local monument. Later, according to the movie database IMDb, scenes from the 1984 film “Beverly Hills Cop” were filmed there.

Hollywood Hills Home Once Owned by Madonna Lists for $21 Million - WSJ

According to records, Madonna sold the home to commercial director Joe Pytka, who then sold it for $7 miℓℓio? to Mr. Max. Mr. Max claimed that after buying the house, he gave the turrets and retaining walls their original weathered-white hue.

Hollywood Hills Home Once Owned by Madonna Lists for $21 Million - Mansion  Global

A breezeway was also opened by him in order to “gain back something resembling a minstrel’s gallery overhɑ?gi?g the main inner courtyard.” According to him, he replanted Һanging gardens with vines including fig ivy, wisteria, and jasmine.

The nine-bedroom home, which is around 10,500 square feet, includes views of Lake Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. The property consists of a pair of towers, one functioning as the entrance, showcasing a stunning spiral staircase and an antique elevator with wooden paneling.

Tour Madonna's Former Hollywood Trophy Home - Mansion Global

Within the primary suite, a second tower is present with lounge furniture. The property is adorned with opulent architectural features such as terracotta flooring, coffered ceilings, vibrant tilework, and Moorish-style arched entrances throughout.

Elaborate wooden beams embellish the two-story living room while the central courtyard is graced with a fountain and an outdoor fireplace. Additionally, the property has numerous terraces, a wine room, a media room, and an outdoor lap pool.

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