Finding fossilized blue whales provides evidence of their existence for millions of years

According to studies based on a species of the monstrous progenitor of all species, the evolution of the earliest land-dwelling animals was unexpectedly delayed down by millions of years.

A group from the Universities of Bristol, Pompeu Fabra, and London (UK) examined the skull remains of 100 current and extinct creatures, including four-legged fish, according to SciTech Daily aged 400 million years.

The forefathers of all animal families on the world, four-legged fish, which resemble odd beasts that are half sea monster and half reptile, were forerunners in the change of habitat from seas to continents. human beings to amphibians.

These ancestors did, however, once undergo a period of rather slow evolution. In a recent paper that appeared in Science Advances: The Skull, the unexpected cause behind the “slow down” of life on Earth was made known.

The tetrapod skull, a representative of the group of four-legged fish, has fewer skull bones than ancestral and later species, according to main scientist James Rawson from the University of Bristol’s School of Earth Sciences.

Contrary to popular belief, the skull’s structural complexity increases despite having fewer skull bones. As a result of having fewer bones, each one must link with more of its neighbors, resulting in a complex and inflexible structure that keeps the creature “stuck” and slows evolution over millions of years.

The strange shape of this stiff skull appears to be connected to a development in animal limbs 10 million years ago.

Thankfully, this dilemma has been miraculously eliminated, albeit slowly, by the process of evolution, allowing life on Earth to continue to evolve strongly and diversely once again – which is closely related to the appearance and extent of the disease. evolution of all species including us humans today.

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