Exploriпg the Joυrпey of a Mother’s Qυest to Embrace Geпetic Coппectioпs iп Aυstrali




Treacher Colli’s syndrome, an uncommon genetic condition, affects Joo Lacaster, a British woman.

The 30-year-old from Normato, weѕt Yorkshire, has dedicated his life to inspiring others who share the condition, which prevents the cheeks, jawbones, and skill from developing correctly.

He took a plane to Adelaide, Australia, in the middle of November to meet Zackary, a 2-year-old boy who also had Treacher Collins syndrome.



Zackary’s mum contacted him over Facebook when she saw he was planning a trip there. She told the Adelaide Advertiser: “[Jono] is a celebrity to us — he’s a huge inspiration.”

Lancaster told the Adelaide Advertiser: “I grew up with Treacher Collins and I kind of felt like I was on my own and I felt like I was the only one out in the world that was like me.”

He explained that he’s meeting children around Australia who live with the condition and he hopes to inspire them to lead full and happy lives.



I would have loved to have met somebody like myself when I was younger … somebody who had got a job, got a partner and said to me ‘these are the things you can do, you can achieve.’

Zackary’s mum added:

When he said he was coming to Australia, we knew we had to meet him and it’s made us so happy to see Zack meet someone like him.



He is continuing his journey around the country to inspire other children with Treacher Collins syndrome.

You can follow the rest of Lancaster’s adventures on his Twitter page, here.

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