Examining Nick Cannon’s $3.2 million New Jersey mansion as he prepares to move to the east coast in advance of the arrival of his fourth child this year


The Sun can exclusively disclose that the Wild ‘n Out host, who is expecting his seventh child, quietly purchased the property in 2018 after renting it to buy.

Nick’s LA attorney is presently listed as the owner of the luxurious home after he rented it for a whopping $11,000 in 2015 – following his split from Mariah Carey.

TMZ reported at the time that he purchased the new residence to keep “dem babies,” Monroe and Moroccan, who are now 10 years old, “out of the spotlight.”

Nick’s six-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion is located in the secluded Saddle River neighbourhood, just one hour outside of New York City, and his mother reportedly assisted him with the interior design.

Photographs obtained by The Sun depict the 1989-built, 8,371-square-foot home situated on 2.06 acres.

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