Elephant Birth Surprises Mother and Caretaker at Kenya Sanctuary.


In a heartwarming scene at a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya, an unexpected arrival surprised the mother elephant and the headkeeper.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing orphaned baby elephants, shared the news on Twitter.

Watch the video at the end.

The captivating 25-second video captures the birth of a baby elephant, with the rest of the herd gathered around, observing the newborn calf.

The video was captioned with excitement, announcing when ex-orphan Melia gave birth to her first calf, named Milo, which means “beloved.”

The adorable video quickly gained popularity, amassing over 51,000 views and 4000 likes. Viewers were touched by the love and care displayed by the elephants and the dedicated keepers. One user expressed gratitude, praising the keepers for making this heartwarming moment possible.

The unexpected arrival of Milo took everyone by surprise. The wild elephants and ex-orphans had gathered outside Ithumba as they often do during the dry season. Suddenly, a loud noise and flurry of movement startled the herd.

Even the usually calm older females seemed agitated. The headkeeper, Benjamin, rushed to see what had happened and found the other elephants running over.

Then he realized Melia, an ex-orphan, had given birth, and the baby elephant was still partially wrapped in the white placenta.

Melia’s pregnancy had been discreet as she cleverly concealed her increasing weight. The trust had no way of knowing when she was expecting. The night before giving birth, Melia had visited the stockades, showing no signs of imminent labor.

The first-time mother, Melia, initially appeared bewildered by the tiny baby before her. However, experienced elephants in the herd stepped in to help her understand the situation.

Melia gradually grew more comfortable with her little calf throughout the day, showering him with gentle trunk caresses.

The heartwarming bond between the mother elephant and her calf touched the hearts of many, reminding us of the beauty and wonder of nature’s miracles.

Watch the video below:

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