Echoes of an Abandoned Desolation: Uncovering the Heartbreaking Story of an Abandoned Earth, an Unheard Peace, and the Armor of the Desert


A small dog lay in a corner, with no hope of surviving the critical situation it faced. His story moved thousands of people, since no animal deserves to suffer this way.

When we think of our dogs, we imagine the love we gladly give them. Every meal, every caress on the head, every moment of play is a new opportunity to rejoice in that love.

However, the dog in this story had never had the opportunity to feel loved. Fortunately, with a twist of fate, everything was about to change.

Its complete history is unknown. What the volunteers of the Philippine Animal Rescue Team believe, since he understood some of people’s commands, is that he once belonged to someone.

The poor guy suffered from advanced scabies, lost most of his hair and, since his skin was exposed, it hurt him to walk in the sunlight.

The poor little dog was so malnourished that he was only bones, so if he was lying on the ground, he was in a lot of pain. He felt very weak, he was tired.

He found a place in the shade on a pile of garbage and there, in that mіѕeгаЬɩe place, he waited for his time to come. However, a group of volunteers decided to change this scenario completely.

No photo description available.

In this video you can see how two rescue volunteers from the Philippines saved the puppy from an uncertain fate:

The rescuers refused to let him go. They took him to the vet and treated him for distemper and scabies. His malnutrition was also addressed. He received intravenous fluids and a high-calorie diet.

The Philippine Animal Rescue team will do everything possible to keep the dog comfortable while it begins to heal. Nothing is safe for this dog, now named Chief.

It is not possible to guarantee that he will survive, what is certain is that he lived his last days full of love and all the attention that circumstances denied him.

It is worth every effort he is making to give him a real chance to fight, despite everything he did want to change his destiny. The little dog had resigned himself because no one came to help him, he couldn’t find a way out of his pain.

Although his condition was critical, they just had to wait for him to respond to the medical treatment and, above all, the love he was finally receiving.

It is always comforting to know that, no matter how bad the prognoses are, there are people who are willing to dedicate every last moment to saving the life of a little animal in distress.

For the magic to happen, all you need is a lot of love and a strong will to live on the part of the little animal and we hope that Chief has plenty of it, so that he can rise above adversity and enjoy a second chance.

Stories like this inspire others to take the initiative to help other animals, despite how adverse the circumstances may seem. Luckily, this little dog found guardian angels who did everything possible to change his destiny.

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