During maintenance work on a building in Toledo’s historic neighborhood, a Roman marble figure about a metre long was discovered.


A Roman marble statue, about a metre in length, has been discovered during renovation works of a building in the historic center of Toledo, in the square Amador de los Rios, under Navarro Ledesma Street, where an underground gallery (cryptoporticus) about thirty metres in length, believed to part of a large Roman civic building, was also discovered last February.

The statue, of which only the torso and part of the limbs have been found for the moment, represents a naked male figure of “exceptional craftsmanship”, reports to the Consortium of the City of Toledo.

The discovery of the statue adds one more piece to the complex puzzle of Roman Toletum, which the Consortium has been investigating since its inception for more than fifteen years ago.

Although most of the Consortium’s work involves the mapping of archaeological structures and materials of the Roman city, especially those related to the hydraulic infrastructures, it is now possible to also highlight the discovery of statuary remains, such as the toga figure discovered in 2008 during works in the street of la Plata, which the Consortium financed.

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