Dr Mike Adenuga goes to work on a private plane worth ₦54 billiоn, worthy of being the richest billionaire in Nigeria


Mike Adenuga Junior stands out from wealthy companies because of his politeness. He doesn’t play the celebrity game, in contrast to other extremely wealthy people.

Mike Adenuga is renowned for his diligent work and few travels. He prefers to remain anonymous as Chairman of the Mike Adenuga Group, which also owns Globacom and Conoil.

A few individuals in social and business sectors are respected by Adenuga. Among them is the well-liked ruler of Ijebuland, Awujale Adebayo Adetona. Adenuga has always adored and honored this esteemed emperor.

The bond between Awujale and Adenuga is reciprocal. The king publicly commends Adenuga as a contented and well-respected kid, given that he is the businessman’s older cousin. The king dubbed Adenuga Otunba Apesin of Ijebuland in recognition of his achievements.

Adenuga honors Gabriel Osaw Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin, despite the fact that he hardly ever goes to social events. Adenuga hosted the exceedingly wealthy Igbinedion twice in the past few months, much to his astonishment.

During these excursions, people took note to Adenuga’s most costly airplane, a recently acquired luxury vehicle. Many were stunneԀ by the jet’s apron parking at Benin Airport. With its two titanium-plated Rolls-Royce engines, this Bombardier 7500 is the first business jet equipped with a fully furnished suite, a comfortable lounge, a multipurpose conference space, and a spacious master suite, providing its delighted owner with an unparalleled flying experience.

Adenuga’s $73 million private jet serves as a makeshift hotel comparable to a five-star establishment. It seems sense for Adenuga, a busy billionaire, to have such opulent accommodations for her lengthy travels.

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