DONAR – Artillery Gun Module (AGM) On ASCOD Chassis

DONAR - Artillery Gun Module (AGM) on ASCOD Chassis
DONAR – Artillery Gun Module (AGM) on ASCOD Chassis

DONAR combines the fire power and range of the automatic and remote-controlled Artillery Gun Module (AGM) with the protection and mobility of the mission-tested GDELS ASCOD. Thanks to the DONAR’s network-based system architecture it will also be possible to implement autonomous driving and action (remote-controlled) in the future. The fire control system and ammunition matrix can support already used as well as future NATO ammunition types (JBMOU-compatible). These special characteristics make the DONAR a future-oriented barrelled artillery system. Increased protection for the crew by separating the crew compartment and operator stations while retaining the artillery capabilities of the PzH 2000.

DONAR - Artillery Gun Module (AGM) on ASCOD Chassis
DONAR – Artillery Gun Module (AGM) on ASCOD Chassis

The synthesis of the time-tested NATO-JBMoU 155mm/L52 main gun and the unmanned Artillery Gun Module (AGM) on GDELS ASCOD infantry fighting vehicle chassis results in a unique level of artillery effectiveness with a present range of up to 54 km through 360° azimuth and all charge and elevation ranges without requiring support.Developed and refined as a result of joint operations, the complete autonomy of the overall system in command, navigation and fire control, as well as its system-inherent stability open up entirely new mission options (such as firing on moving targets, encampment defence, etc.).

DONAR - Artillery Gun Module (AGM) on ASCOD Chassis
DONAR – Artillery Gun Module (AGM) on ASCOD Chassis

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