DJ Khaled shows off his impossibly luxurious life inside a $26M Miama beach villa


DJ Khaled is too busy dominating the world to squander his wealth. I kid. The All I Do Is Win impresario is cashing in, living the dream, and taking us along for free on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, award shows, and song.

DJ Khaled | Michael Lerner | Pine Tree Drive

The über hype music maestro added a $25.9 mιllιon contemporary Miami Beach house to his expanding Khaled kingdom, complete with a two-level gazebo and an 80-foot-long pool for swimming, wild pool parties, or filming Aquaman aquatics with his adorable 2-year-old son Asahd, already a YouTube sensation. New dads could use 12,750 square feet.

DJ Khaled's $26m new mansion in Miami Beach waterfront is massive and magnificent (See Photos)

If you’re unaware of DJ Khaled’s antics, you presumably avoid hip-hop, radio, and social media. Khaled Mohamed Khaled, an award-winning artist-producer, is known for making blockbuster hits with big-nɑme musicians, Snapchatting son Asahd’s birth, and effectively advertising himself in song with repeated self-shoutouts. DJ Khaled! The celebrity DJ collaborated with Rihanna, Jay-Z, Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Nicki Minaj.

La impresionante mansión de DJ Khaled en Miami Beach

The gregarious DJ capitalizes on that success. DJ Khaled’s new waterfront estate features nine bedrooms, 10-and-a-half baths, a five-bedroom main house, four-bedroom guest house, safe room, outdoor shower, home cinema, elevator, and fireplace. Cesar Molina’s limestone residence contains viewing terraces, fountains, landscaping, and a waterway boat slip. Wooden eaves and tall palm trees shade it.

The tropical home’s huge Curmaru wood overhangs, mahogany windows and doors (including a four-door garage), and large courtyard blend indoors and outside.

Kitchen-bar, bathroom, outdoor shower, and fireplace in the two-story gazebo. Holly Hunt & Christian Liagre, floating stairs, wall treatments, millwork, and luxurious textiles are interior furnishings. Elliman listed Eloy Carmenate and Mick Duchon. NextHome Realty Professionals represented DJ Khaled. Nobody discussed the deal.

“Baby on Board” signmaker Michael Lerner sold DJ Khaled the mansion. Lerner may have given the social media star automobile caution diamonds for his almost-famous son to cement the deal. Asahd’s daring pool-diving and his dad’s supersonic jet skiing show the Khaleds like risk.

DJ Khaled bought the lakefront house. Robbie Williams’ Beverly Hills mansion cost $9.9 mιllιon to the producer. His Pembroke Pines, Florida mansion was extravagant.

DJ Khaled no longer needs social media after owning this enormous acreage. Who’s kidding? His social media palace (12.1 mιllιon Instagram followers) is bigger—possibly superior. DJ Khaled dreams on. He dreams. DJ Khaled!

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