Discovered a 700,000-year-old mammoth penis in the UK?

A passerby believes he has discovered fossils of ancient mammoths on the English coast.

The discovery of a 700,000-year-old mammoth in the UK? – Figure 1 ADVERTISEMENT

Sketch of an ancient mammoth.

According to the Daily Star, a passerby named Robert Mee discovered the strange “vaginal” object at the same area where the mammoth skeleton was dug 27 years ago in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

This area is about 48km from where the complete mammoth skeleton was discovered. Sharing about this discovery on Facebook, Robert Mee was surprised by the comments.

Niall Thorogood, who discovered newborn mammoth teeth on West Runton Beach in Norfolk commented: ‘This object has a rather strange shape.

Another said: “Looks like a fossil penis.” “This is the mammoth’s penis?” another commented.

In fact, whether this is an ancient mammoth’s penis remains to be verified further. This strange object is about 6cm long, Daily Star reported.

The discovery of a 700,000-year-old mammoth in the UK? – Figure 2

Is this a “precious” fossil of a mammoth?

It is believed that the male mammoth that once lived in West Runton was 4 meters tall and weighed 10 tons, twice the size of modern African elephants.

Some experts have dismissed the fossil-like find, arguing that it was animal feces rather than a mammoth body part.

But over the past 27 years, the coast of Norfolk has been littered with fossils and prehistoric treasures.

People have found the oldest human mark outside of Africa and the most complete mammoth skeleton in the world at this place, according to the Daily Star.

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