Dion Waiters enjoys a luxurious life with his wife and children in a luxury villa


The NBA’s most consistent shooter made shots without hesitation for eight seasons. He earned the moniker “Waiters Island” from NBA experts because to his conceit and skill.







He hasn’t played since the Lakers-Waiters title in 2020. This time, waitstaff departs South Florida.






Ashley According to Michelle Velez of P.U.R.E Investments, Inc., he likes to travel to Philadelphia. They aren’t sure if they want to stay in Miami. Miami and Philadelphia alternate.





The 14,000 square foot estate, which was built in 2016, sits on roughly two acres. To match his house, the former shooter changed his identity.

Waiters refers to it as Waiters Island since it is his own personal retreat, according to Velez. The landscape appears barren. For a lone traveler, that is a vast area. He adores the home and refers to it as his retreat.





There are nine bedrooms and eleven bathrooms in all. Owners have a variety of opulent main bedrooms to choose from.

The main suites are three, not one, according to Velez. “cгazy closets. Stunning kitchen. My favorite. A rare pleasure is the master bedroom.

A second principal suite is located on the lower level, while a third is located on the second story of the home’s opposite side.

According to Velez, “the kitchen is just amazing.” The islands give you a ton of room. Wow, you come in.

The reflecting pools in the house create a lovely entrance. Around the back pool are a large outdoor kitchen, teppanyaki grill, BBQ, and seating. We can fit more.

“There are two areas of the yard where you could definitely add a tennis court or a full basketball court, which is something that a lot of people in Miami want to do—they just don’t have the land for it,” Velez claims.


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