Defying an unexpected cobra attack, a brave mother dog fights bravely and holds her breath the whole way to protect her helpless, sleeping puppies.


Snakes are among the most deadly animals on the planet. There are between 2500 and 3000 species of snakes on the planet. Many of these snakes are so toxic that by bitten a human, he dies instantly without even asking for water.


Many people’s health worsens when they see a snake in front of them. Some people, though, are just too brazen. When they see snakes in front of them, they do not flee, but rather attempt to manage them. The human state deteriorates upon seeing a cobra snake. This snake, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, can kill a person in an instant with its venom.


In the viral video, there is a death of a dog, which gave birth to its children in the morning on the same day, and in the afternoon, a snake killed her and her whole family.

The family members summoned the rescue squad as soon as they suspected the existence of a snake. “Murli Wale Hausla” and his rescue crew were observed on the location attempting to rescue the snake that was hidden in the center of the stone slabs. They rescued him and brought him out.

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