Cardi B flaunts her toned curves in skimpy gold bra and shorts for Fanatics Super Bowl party in Atlanta


The Cardi B Super Bowl blitz is underway in Atlanta, Georgia.

The superstar rapper kicked off a series of appearances this weekend with a performance at one of the hottest pre-Super Bowl parties.

And in full Cardi style, she hit the red carpet for the Fanatics Super Bowl Party at College Football Hall of Fall dressed in a revealing rustic-brown patterned ensemble.

Superstar sighting: Cardi B was the headliner for the Fanatics Super Bowl Party at College Football Hall of Fall in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday

Always one to want to make a grand arrival, the Bodak Yellow rapper showed off her famous curves in stylish shorts and a matching long-sleeve top by Louis Vuitton.

She left the shirt unbuttoned which gave her ample opportunity to flaunt her toned midriff and House of CB bra.

To round things out, the 26-year old wore a pair of white pointed boots and accessorized with a blinged-out Cardi B diamond necklace and her trademark designer nails that were colored with an emerald green.

For the event, the Bronx, New York went with long black tresses that were worn long and flowing past the middle of her back and with some natural waves.

Making a grand arrival: The rapper showed off her curves on the red carpet in a rustic ensemble that showcased her midriff and legs

The Bronx, New York native accessorized with a blinged-out Cardi B diamond necklace

After strutting her stuff under the bright lights of the red carpet, Cardi hit the stage for an inspired solo performance that set the crowd into a frenzy.

Meek Mill, who co-headlined the event, also performed; the two superstar rappers ended up joining forces to play their song On Me.

The guest list for the exclusive event included the likes Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, former NFL great Peyton Manning, former NBA great Shaquille O’Neil and Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England patriots.

Sing it: The star performed for the starry crowd at the pre-game bash, flaunting her incredible figure in her designer look

In demand: Despite not performing at the Super Bowl, the star put on a show at the party held the day before the big game

Later in the evening Cardi and Meek will hit the stage again to headline The Big Game Takeover at Compound in Atlanta.

Cardi will also be appearing in a Super Bowl ad for Pepsi.

The rapper set off her Super Bowl blitz in motion when she attenedd the Planet Pepsi Pre-Super Bowl LIII party, featuring Travis Scott on Friday.

Moneymaker: Cardi took the stage for a solo performance that sent the crowd into a frenzy

Dynamic duo: Cardi and Meek Mill also hit the stage together to perform a song together

Show stopper: Cardi memorized the crowd with her peformance

Social butterfly: Emily Ratajkowski shared a clip of Cardi’s performance on her Instagram Story

Celebrity guest list: Cardi took some time to chat with actor/comedian Kevin hart

Cardi has also opened up about being a parent during her time in Atlanta. In an interview with People, she revealed she loves being a mother to daughter Kulture, but is hesitant to dive right in and have a second child.

‘I want a second child, but I got so much things to do first. It’s like, I want to learn more, you know?’ Cardi confessed.

‘It’s not that easy to have a child, so you just want to learn more and more and the process and wait ’til they get a little bit bigger.’

There’s no doubt her breakup with husband Offset in December, and recent reconciliation, has played a role in her mindset.

Cardi and Offset started dating in February 2017, and got married in September 2017. Aside from their daughter Kulture, six months, Offset has three other children from previous relationships.

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