Cardi B dominates the fashion game in a jaw-dropping leather catsuit, complete with a bold conical bra and thigh-high boots, as she fearlessly poses on a race track, leaving everyone in awe of her daring fashion choices.


Cardi B teased a new project when she became her very own version of a grid girl to pose on a race track.

The musician, 28, looked sensational wearing a leather catsuit which was cinched in at the waist and a conical bra and worn with thigh-high leather boots.

The stunner wrote: ‘Work was long today ….Stay tuned, giving no clues as to what was going on.

‘Work was long today… Stay tuned’: Cardi B wore a leather catsuit with a conical bra and thigh-high boots as she posed on the race track on Instagram on Tuesday

Cardi was surrounded by a backdrop of black and white balloons styled into arches for her snap.

She’s also been busy working on her latest collaboration with Reebok, which becomes available on November 13..

The performer recently said: ‘Wow Wow ! I love my @Reebok collab packaging. I never seen it in person. These will be deliver tomorrow. I love it !I hope you guys love it.’

Coming soon: Fans have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the Cardi B x Reebok footwear collection, which becomes available on November 13

Cardi announced on October 11, which happened to be her 28th birthday, that she would be releasing her first-ever sneaker collaboration with Reebok in November.

Some lucky fans were able to get their hands on the collection early via their Reebok memberships, something Cardi referred to as a ‘birthday gift to my loyal fans.’

Along with her big announcement, she also unveiled her stunning campaign images that showed her posing with the various sneakers.

As of now, the Cardi B x Reebok collection comes in the brand’s iconic Club C style, as well as Cardi’s own take on the silhouette, which is labeled as the Cardi Coated Club C Double.

The Club C Cardi variant runs for $100, while the Cardi Coated Club C Double comes in at $80. Both styles will also be offered in women’s and children’s sizing.

There are three colors to choose from: bright patent red, off white with a brown sole, or black with a brown sole.

Unboxing: The rapper, 28, gave her devout following an early look at the collaboration’s over-the-top PR box in a video shared to Instagram on Sunday evening

What in the world? Some leather-clad ladies opened the giant, gold-toned ‘B’ like a door, which prompted a lengthy pink carpet to unwind

Box within a box: Resting at the carpet’s based was a B-shaped box made out of red-crocodile skin fabric, which the two women grabbed and carried towards Cardi

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