BTR-82A: Best Seller, Latest Received By Belarus


BTR-82A, it is considered one of the most modern armored personnel carriers in the world serving in the Russian Army today.

According to the First Deputy Chief General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces, Mr. Igor Korol, Belarus is about to receive the second BRT-82A armored personnel carrier battalion from Russia. “We have received one battalion set of BTR-82As in late September, which operates in the 120th mechanized brigade. The second battalion set of these state-of-the-art vehicles will reach Belarus within a month. It will go to the 6th mechanized brigade,” said Igor Korol.

Accordingly, in addition to receiving more advanced armored vehicles BTR-82A, the Belarusian Army will also receive more multi-purpose combat helicopters from Russia in 2022. It is known that the first batch of BTR-82A armored personnel carriers was delivered to the Belarusian Armed Forces at the end of September. In addition, many other advanced ωɛλρσɳs were also transferred by Russia to the Azerbaijan Army and the Kazakh Army.

About these BTR-82A, it is considered one of the most modern armored personnel carriers in the world serving in the Russian Army today. This is the most modern and latest version developed on the basis of the previous BTR-80 multi-purpose military vehicle. BTR-82A was commissioned by Russia in 2014 and has been operating up to now.

In terms of design, the BTR-82A is designed based on the chassis of the predecessor BTR-80A, with a length of 7.65m, a width of 2.9m and a height of 2.8m. With a relatively massive overall weight, reaching 15.4 tons.

BTR-82A is widely applied with improved armour, spall liners, more modern night vision device TKN-4GA, GLONASS navigation system and a more powerful engine of 300 hp. These giving BTR-82A superior bulletproof ability, better resistance to different types of explosive devices than the old version. BTR-82A can resist 12.7 – 14.5mm bullets, much better than BTR-80 which can only resist 7.62mm bullets.

This new version is also modernized in terms of armament. It is equipped with a 30mm caliber 2A72 automatic cannon with a maximum combat radius of 2km, and coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. The 2A72 is a very powerful ωɛλρσɳ that can destroy other armored vehicles, even low-altitude helicopters and ground fortifications. With a high angle of fire, this cannon is extremely suitable for the vehicle when fighting in mountainous terrain, ensuring firepower for self-defense and combat.

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