Bored of supercars, Rick Ross wants to fly to the sky with his first jet.picasso


The well-known rapper who has since transitioned into a business mogul, Rick Ross, is no stranger to showing off his opulent lifestyle on social media. He provides peeks into the lavish Rich Boss life he leads, including custom cars, diamond jewelry, and expensive clothing.


Rick Ross takes great pride in his outstanding collection, which includes over 100 bespoke and rare cars kept in storage across the country. At his Florida house, he even conducts an annual automobile meet that is a spectacular event that combines an auto show and a lavish rave with expensive awards for other vehicle aficionados.


Up until recently, his collection was complete with the exception of a private plane. Rick Ross, who owns a 2012 Gulfstream G550 with dual Rolls-Royce engines, changed that. He proudly displayed the custom plane on social media, calling it a “$5 bιllιon play” to represent his ambition to one day become a bιllιonaire. Contrary to claims, he did not spend $5 bιllιon on the jet; rather, it was just a symbol of his resolve to soar to new heights in his career.

The jet is a reflection of his opulent taste and sports “RICK RO$$” lettering in rose gold on a black backdrop and the Maybach Music Group insignia on the rear bumper. The rapper is awaiting its conclusion before setting out on upcoming international excursions with the registration number N676AS under the business Maybach AIR LLC.

Rick Ross is clearly advancing in his business, and even though he may not actually fly, his lavish lifestyle continues to fascinate and excite his mιllιons of fans across the world.

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