Bored of buying villas, Rick Ross continuously changed supercars when deciding to add a 6-door Ford F-250 Super Duty supercar worth up to 8 figures, surprising fans

It’s difficult to remember a day when Rick Ross’s collection of cars consisted of only 100 antique and classic vehicles. The artist’s refusal to adhere to social norms set those simple days apart. He told us there were more things in the works, and he has certainly stuck to his promise. At the moment, the number has almost doubled, and Mr. Ross can’t help but provide them with a preview of the automobiles that will be included at the next Rick Ross auto show. Naturally, there are several remarkably raised exhibition vehicles in the collection.

Rick Ross reveals he spent $100 million in last 6 months



Inside Rick Ross' collection of more than 100 carsKING SERIES 6 DOOR PICKUP 2015 FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY — KING SERIES CUSTOM 6 DOOR PICKUPS

A Ford with an eye-catching red paint job, an F250 body, and the Super Duty equipment stand out. This incredible pickup vehicle has an incredibly roomy interior and six doors. Surprisingly, it doesn’t give up on bed space; instead, it brashly asserts the space it requires, disregarding any barriers. This bold mentality is a hallmark of flashy and elevated vehicles, particularly while they’re driving down the road, which adds a humorous element. According to his Instagram feed, which features a table with a glass top and bottom made from a Boeing 757 jet engine, Rick Ross is well-known for leading an opulent lifestyle. It is thus not surprising that he collects Ferrari vehicles, one of the most prestigious brands in the world. The red Ford F250 pickup truck is the main focus of the film, but there are also glimpses of a red and black Ferrari at the conclusion. Excitement is definitely high for the next Rick Ross auto exhibition, where all three cars are sure to draw attention.

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